The risks


Such disputes can only rarely be ignored, and there are risks in unthinkingly conceding the matter in dispute just ‘for a quiet life’. The mere fact of a dispute produces uncertainty, and if it is not dealt with, may result in long-term damage to financial interests. In addition, it may be difficult to sell your property if there is an unresolved dispute or legal problem, because purchasers are reluctant to buy property which comes with problems of that nature.

On the other hand, dealing with such a dispute is time-consuming, and if not handled carefully, can be expensive. This is equally true whether the dispute is resolved in court, a small claims tribunal, the various tribunals for the resolution of particular disputes, or in arbitration or a mediation. These all cost money because they involve other people’s time, and that time costs money which has inevitably to be provided by the people who are in dispute.

Some disputes involve property interests which are by their very nature simply too valuable or important to sacrifice.