Property Disputes


Do you have a dispute over land or property for which you may need legal advice or representation?

This could be:

  • a complaint by or against neighbours, nuisance and annoyance
  • an ownership dispute, including a dispute between co-owners
  • problems arising from the purchase of property
  • difficulties of access to land
  • conflict over other land rights, including a right of way or to light or to use water
  • a restrictive covenant
  • a boundary dispute
  • a planning problem
  • a party wall dispute
  • a dispute concerning building works
  • mortgages and repossession
  • claims of a trustee in bankruptcy
  • a contest over who has the right to possession of land
  • a disagreement between landlord and tenant

General advice is set out below, but professional help may be available to you from a specialist property barrister on a direct access basis, using contact details at the end of this site under ‘Direct Access’.