Direct Access

The author is a barrister in practice, as are his colleagues in his chambers who have for many years undertaken direct access work without involving a solicitor for members of the public.

Under this arrangement, you can act as your own solicitor, instead of having to pay a solicitor to do it for you. This means that you can carry out most of the ‘legwork’ normally carried out by a solicitor in litigation, but get help from a direct-access barrister to draft documents, and to represent you in court and at trial.

You also have total control over the costs you pay the barrister on a direct-access basis, because the next step in the work required in the dispute will be set out in advance and in writing for each item of work you want, and you only accept the price (and the barrister will therefore only carry out the work) if you think the cost is affordable and worthwhile.

This explanation shows you that much of the work involved in dispute resolution is fairly straightforward, and can be carried out at no charge for your own time.

James Harris or a colleague in his chambers who is a specialist in property law can be contacted on 0790 229 6408.

An initial face-to-face interview can be arranged in his chambers, currently near St Paul’s Cathedral, the first half-an-hour of that interview being without charge to you, in order to make sure that your case is suitable for direct-access.